Ana and her Daughters

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Don’t Judge a book by its cover.


I had the opportunity a few day ago, to photograph three tattooed models. This session was an indoor studio setup.

 Everyone of the models is well educated, kind, polite respectful, and willing to go to the next step for a well composed photograph.


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Blank Canvas

I contacted a model, and arranged for a photo session last week. Now this session, would be our first time working with one another. It has been my experience that when working with another artist, the second and third sessions develop, and blend into a balanced form or an expression, of art. It’s like planting a garden. First one prepairs the earth, for a harvest in the fall. I will shair these session as they develop over time.

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I have a friend, not just a friend but a best friend, of 25+ years. I call him Little Bro. A few Springs, back Little Bro, said he would like to paint his bike, it’s getting a little rough and could use a new look. I said warm weather is a good time and mid June, was open for me.

                                                       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA click to in large image

Little Bro. ordered up the parts and bought the paint. I would supplied the coffee, and the work shop.

Now this is not our first Rodeo, nor will it be the last. We have custom painted a jet ski, rebuilt 2 CJ7 top to bottom with fresh engine and hard top, built my work shop, stacked over 3000 bricks, and painted my house inside and out. We have been through deaths in our family’s, marriage, divorce, my children being born and raised. So there is a little of 25 years of history off the top of my head.

June, Saturday, morning, a few summers back the bike arrives.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA is that a deep scratch?

Parts and paint along with coffee are ready for this project.

That is Little Bro, with the paint gun, and Bro, is in the back ground.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Bro, only takes his hands out of his pockets for coffee.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

By the way Bro, I have known for the same amount of time. The only thing is Little Bro, and I don’t let Bro touch any tools or equipment. Bro is a computer guy, not a nerd Bro is a great guy. He has more degrees to include several masters degrees. O ya one more thing Bro, is a master in martial arts and owns a school. With out or with any edged blade and or a stick. Bro, is Wicked.

Back to the project.

Belly Fairing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Opps a do over, hey we are Bro’s not Pro’sOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA That is more like it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Front Fairing.




Before and after.


 I have 2 Bro’s and they both, call me BIG BRO. I’m the oldest.




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Halloween decoration at work

There was a Halloween decorating competition, at work. I was asked to photograph the displays of each department, and happy to do so.

Sweets are flowing in this department.


place of un_rest

stuff of straw

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Family session

Saturday afternoon at the Dayton Nevada State Park.


What a great time with Tom & Jessica’s, beautiful family.


The fall colors have arrived making this photography session that much better.

Thanks Tom.

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Black Rock Theme

I was emailed by a model that asked if I would be interested in doing a photo session with her. I responded asking her what ideas or theme she had in mind for a session.  She said, she had bought some clothing for the Burning man, event, held in the Black Rock desert this year.  She wanted to do a photo session using her clothing.  I said interesting, I could do it for her.

We meet up Sunday, morning. Having never done a session quite like this I went into it with an open mind. We decided to do a desert landscape for the background. I live near a dirt bike track that is in an old rock quarry. We started the session with a few props, a couple of cases of bottled water and an old cows skull, that I acquired many years ago.

She was dressed in a pair of cut up jeans, purple and black striped tights and a purple fish net top. I took pictures as she posed and played with making shadows since the sun was low and causing long shadows.

She then changed into black fur boots and a tutu with fish net tights. Her skin was the color of milk, let me tell you my cameras exposure meter was lost. The black clothing and the white skin kept conflicting. Causing the skin to be blown out or the blacks to be so black I had lost all detail. I finely broke out my light meter. I also knew that in post I would be using color tints and filter for a dry desert feeling for the images.

The model was great and fun to work with, her escort was a big help. She wants to do a few more photo sessions down the road, I feel we will.

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About a year ago I had this concept for a photography session. I wanted to explore facial expressions. The plan was to have a model (Sondra,) paint her black and use bright lip stick and use the same color for eye liner. Sondra, jumped at the idea and wanted to do the project. Sondra After doing some research on face paint, I wanting to make absolutely certain the face paint would wash off and not leave any trace.


I would feel so bad if Sondra, had to live with a black face for a week. Sondra I’m not a makeup artist I’m a photographer, so after a few web searches and phone calls I became lost, more like doomed. I went to my local grocery store looking for make up. Purple lips stick, pumpkin orange eye liner, and black foundation. All the paid help did was give me the blank look. Burning man, and Halloween where 6 months off. So I did what any man would do in this situation I called my daughter (Alex,). After a few minutes of my rambling about this idea I wanted to try, Alex, said Ooo  kkkkk. Sondra Then I kinda said I was using her best friend Sondra, for my model, “Thank God” cell phone reception is lousy in a supper market. Because I think I heard something about senior care and power of attorney. Or maybe Alex, was saying, skin care and highlight strategically. Sondra

Deep down I know my daughter loves me. Sondra

I was informed by the store help I had to go somewhere else to find what I was looking for. After a little coaching from Alex. I was off to Wal-Mart. I grabbed a cart and headed for the cosmetic section. This is not a place for guys to hang in. Four hours later, really 4 hours I checked my watch. Those little tubes of lipstick kept falling through the wire mesh on the cart, and some lady would say hey you dropped your lipstick mister. I would say thank you I was having a hard time finding the right color I did not want to even , find it again, they would just look at the purple and orange then look at me and stare. Then they would look in my cart and see, eye lashes, makeup brushes, and other stuff, that I can’t remember the name of. But they would just stare. Sondra




Well Sondra, and I have conflicting work schedules so I knew it would be a few weeks before we could do the photography session. Then Alex, said she was going to be visiting for a few days with me for my grandsons first birthday. Did I mentioned that Alex, is a Mary Kay representative. Now I had a plan. Sondra

Alex, and Sondra, had so much fun that night cracking jokes, telling one another stories, and just catching up on old time. I think they forgot about what they where doing and just started applying the make up. I set up the studio lighting and softbox to get ready.


Sondra, was ready, as I was also. I did a few test shots for lighting. I reminded both Sondra, and Alex, that this was all about expression, so I wanted mood. That was all I had to say, with those two girls working the session, me adjusting lights and taking pictures I was a happy camper. Sondra




On a final note Alex, brought a Mary Kay, cleaner that removed all traces in one facial washing. Thank you, Sondra, and Alex, for all you did.





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Get a grip


Last Friday I was having my car repaired. I took the day off work thinking, I would drop off my car and spend a couple of hours taking pictures.  I slung my camera, and headed out on foot for some old wood and rust in the old V&T  bone yard. As I approached the tracks to cross them, I stopped and looked both ways, (old habits never die). As I was walking I was studying the morning light, and the shadows cast from a morning sun 7:30am. My plan was to try high ISO 1000 and higher using Aperture priority and see what developed. Stumbling around trying to walk the tracks, I found a caboose ready for restoration. Around the windows was old cracked wood and pealing paint, the glass was in tacked and the suns reflection showed the window had not been cleaned in decades.

After a few minutes of taking pictures and looking at the textures of the old caboose, in the morning light. I rambled over to the rusted bone yard, located in an overlooked all natural weed garden. There is something about railroad tracks and all natural Goat Head thorns in your socks. Makes me think of the ol cow rubbing on a barbed wire fence, to scratch an itch, its tail can’t reach


I discovered three, flat bed railroad cars loaded with decay. I cranked up the ISO to 1600 and set the aperture to f2.5. I found more rust and weathered wood with each click of the camera. There where rusted truck fenders with way to many holes, that its silhouette reminded me a lace table cloth.

A rusted bolt still has value.


The nails remain long after the timber have decade




A bolt is to hold, just as the web is designed



Well my car is ready, It time to process this blog. Hope you enjoy my morning


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Tea Ceremony


Chi and Vivian


   I recently photographed a Vietnamese / Chinese, wedding for a friend’s daughter.

Tang and Kathy


My friend Tang, is Vietnamese and he asked me to be the photographer for the tea ceremony’s.

Tang, wanted a traditional Vietnamese wedding called a Tea ceremony. I said yes, before I even knew what a Tea ceremony was. O ya I had a week, well 6 days to get ready. I asked Tang, for some details trying to get an idea on what gear to bring and also what was involved in a Tea ceremony. Tang, said just come to my house at 9:am, and bring camera. Knowing I have photographed a few weddings indoors, outdoors, churches, restaurants, and two bars, I felt confident being able to take photographs in any environment.

Maid of honor and the bride

I did a web search on photographing Vietnamese weddings and was lost after a couple of web pages. O my word,there where so many activities going on I felt I would need 3 to 4 shooters to cover this event. Three days before the wedding Tang, informs me that the feng shui, time, allowed for the ceremony was 45 minutes and would be at 9:07, for good luck. I gave Tang, a big thumbs up and said OK. I told Tang I was going to arrive at his house about 30 minutes early, he said OK wear a brite red shirt for good luck to the bride and groom, we will have coffee. My plan was to get to Tangs, an hour early and check out the lighting and get a feel for the event. I packed two camera bodies and 4 lenses and a couple of strobes that can be used remote or on camera, and a tripod. I was ready.

Chi and Vivian

Wedding day; I arrive at Tangs, house early and was immediately accepted as a friend by the whole family. I had aunts, uncles, sisters grabbing me saying please take my picture.

Roast duck

At the same time others where offering me Vietnamese delicacies. Thank the Lord, I was early. I got all the formal photographs of the brides family before the Tea ceremony and I did get a cup of coffee during all this. The whole house was talking Vietnamese and I felt very comfortable any where I went. They all spoke English to me and they all wanted their picture taken, it was great. I asked if I could get a few photographs of the bride when she was ready, before the ceremony and that started an all new photo session. What a blast, this was party heaven, at 8:30am.

Gifts for the brides family

I was informed the Groom was arriving at 9:00 in the limo and would wait outside until the proper time. At the proper time speeches were made in both Chinese and Vietnamese and the Tea ceremony began

gifts for the bride and groom

Tea is made and offered to the parents and family members of the bride. The grooms family, except for the best man, the grooms brother, and a very small group of his family. About 5 family member are with him to make the groom’s request to see the bride along with 9 close friends to carry the gifts of food. The rest of the grooms friends, and family members remain at the parents of the grooms house.

The family presents gifts to the bride and groom, after each cup of tea.The Bride and groom and now rushed off to the home of the groom in the limo and I was put in a car to photograph the grooms Chinese Tea ceremony. We have about 20 minutes before it will begin. My driver who I had never meet, gets lost on the way he is using his iPhone apps to get us there. I had no idea what was going to happen when we got there or what to do.

Chi’s home

As it turns out, the Chinese Tea ceremony is very close to the Vietnamese Tea ceremony except the brides family was not there.

After the Ceremony I had about 15 minutes for family photographs, before the bride and groom and their wedding party had to drive to Lake Tahoe for the rehearsal of the western wedding, taking place the next day.

About 300 people attended the Tea Ceremony.

I took about 1500 images.

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